Let’s take pure JSX and integrate it with Express. You won’t believe the developer experience

Cover, created by Author | Background by Peter Lundblad on Dribbble and edited by Author
Cover, created by Author | Background by Peter Lundblad on Dribbble and edited by Author

In 2013, frontend developers were mesmerized by this new framework called React. Because, unlike jQuery, it didn't aim to ease manipulating DOM, but rather, it was bringing DOM to JavaScript. With a technology called JSX (JavaScript XML), you could write HTML or your custom tags in JavaScript. …

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Yes… JS is a weirdo, unfortunately.

Screenshot, SpongeBob: SquarePants

JavaScript is a widely adopted multi-paradigm programming language created by Brendan Eich in late 1995. You can use it to, basically, create anything thanks to the active community and extensive libraries it has.

However, being the most popular language doesn’t mean that it is the most consistent and stable language…

Web Development Tips

VS Code’s market share is growing lightning fast. Will JetBrains be able to stop it and dominate the market?

Fleet is a next-generation, lightweight, both beginner and expert friendly IDE developed by JetBrains.

JetBrains is a company offering a variety of integrated development environments (IDE) and tools to developers for 20+ years. It has a specialized IDE for almost all major programming languages in the field. These IDEs make the development process flawless, regardless of your target platform. …

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A well-designed animation can easily take a website to another level but using the right tools is as important as animation design.

Photo by danielcunhac on Imgur, Edited by Author

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a professional and modern website without animation because animations give life to a website. It helps people link elements on the page and let the website respond to users based on interaction. Moreover, you can pass emotion using animations. …

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This step is usually tough for many newbie developers. Well, not anymore.

Cover by Author — Inspired by Vercel Home Page

When I was started with web development, I had many technologies to learn. There were HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SASS, frameworks, etc. Learning all of them was pretty confusing for me, but after all, I learned them and had the skills to create a basic website. …

After that realization, all of a sudden, everything is crystal clear.

RULER, Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The other day, I was surfing on YouTube and encountered a video teaching how to get a million views on YouTube. However, ironically, the video had only been viewed 746 times. When I watched the video, I noticed that each piece of advice given in the video was a significant…

After one try, PowerToys will immediately turn into a necessity for your Windows.

PowerToys is a set of utilities that can add or enhance some features of Windows. It is an open-source project and developed by Microsoft. After Windows XP, it is deprecated and didn’t get any updates for years. However, in 2019, surprisingly, Microsoft decided to revive the project and released a…

Here are my favorite JavaScript tricks to save time

Illustration by WallpaperAccess

Lately, JavaScript has become the “Write Once Run Everywhere” language in the tech industry thanks to the community behind it. Using it, you can program almost anything. It can be a web, mobile, or desktop application. You can even use it to create neural networks or program drones. …

Dear developer, this is what legit JavaScript code looks like. If you follow these 10 rules, you can write such code as well.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Do you know why many people are disgusted with PHP? It is mainly because of its look. PHP can be as ugly as you want it to be. Because the creators of PHP didn't suggest any casing or format for PHP. Some developers used under_score while others use PascalCase. …

Can Durmus

Hi, I am Can. I have been working on web development for years. I am currently a student at Koc University. I like creating music, as well. I am 23 now.

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